The Age of Eve

There has been a lot of discussion regarding how even when hyped up events such as the Martin-Zimmerman incident occurs, that overall, support for firearm ownership continues to be going up.

The questions begs to be asked “Why?”

Many will point, and I believe rightly so, to the Internet. Which has allowed for broader communication paths and a greater ability to press the mainstream media to recant misnomers and manipulations.  It was largely the ‘new media’ which began to shift the mainstream media’s portrayal of Zimmerman (mug shot) and Martin (cute little boy).  If not for the new media, we might not have ever seen the “real” participants.

But I believe there is a second trend that is also a large cause for the growing change in perception.  That is the XX chromosone…

Women, especially in certain communities and ethnicities, have been far less pro-gun and often anti-gun.  The ‘gun’ becomes the object of focus in tragedies rather than the deeds and/or behaviors.  It’s not that my “baby boy was dealing drugs”….it was that G-U-N!!!

It’s an emotional reaction, and in many ways understandable. It is far easier to blame an object and associate it with evil than acknowledge that we might have failed somehow in raising our children, or worse, failed to have the means to relocate a child far enough away from a bad environment.

All that said, our society is changing.  Gone is the “Leave it to Beaver” home of a working dad, doting mother, and smiling happy children.  More and more we are seeing the single working mother struggling to raise her kids on her own. Or the ‘independent woman’, 35+ never married, lives on their own, takes care of themselves.

The two women I believe are doing more to shape the perception of firearms than anything else, (excepting the internet).  You see as more and more women take care of themselves, and cease reliance on a ‘man’, they repeatedly come to a conclusion.  I can feed myself, cloth myself, pay a rent and live the lifestyle I want….but what about physically keeping myself safe?  The conclusion is that they need an “equalizer“.

“God made man; Colt made them equal!”

I’ve had a number of co-workers and acquaintances express interest in going to the range. Interestingly, 70%-80% have been women.  Talk about defying the stereotype, it’s not the men being “gung-ho” about guns. It’s independent women seeking to empower themselves with the strength to protect all their hardwork of life.


Inspired by the recent event of a woman in Detroit defending herself from four intruders.  Interestingly, they found her purse with her carry firearm. But she drew a back-up firearm and took one out with a head shot and sent the other three fleeing for police to find.

There has been a societal stigma of guns from certain circles and I think we are seeing that stigma decline.  Are we witnessing a return to a 150+ years ago where both men and women viewed firearms as merely tools of function?