Xbox Live Avatars to ban the depiction of guns!

Microsoft Xbox Live has announced a plan to ban the use off gun depictions in their online avatars.

Consider sending Microsoft some “feedback” on the matter

Please do not remove firearms and weapons from Xbox Live avatars. If anything, make it part of the “Parental Control” and have it not display if someone under 13, 18 is signed in.

Firearms are an integral part of American history. We wouldn’t be the free country without them. And while tragedies and incidents involving firearms do occur from time to time.  They are also used daily by police and law-abiding citizens to protect families from harm.

Perhaps Xbox Live should also consider banning free speech and privacy while we’re at it?  Ban crosses, Star of Davids, and  other religious paraphernalia.

Please, don’t get political. I am trying to teach my children that firearms are tools to be respected much the same as fire. One can warm their house with fire [if used correctly] or burn it down [if misused].  They’re both just tools.

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