#nraam Methods of Concealed Carry


Tom Marx

Discussing range of motion. Demonstrating issues with small of the back carry.

How TV influences perception. 1950’s, Dirty Harry, Miami Vice, and more modern shows like NYPD and Law & Order, NCIS.

Issues of realism and reality. Characters placing holsters too far forward with forward cants. Paddle holsters through belts.

Other outside influences. Friends and co-workers, what works for them does not necessarily work for you. Opinionated sales people. Web & blogs.

List of names of good sources of information.

Sight lines. Avoid breaking them and printing (outline of gun).

If you change your gun, your holster, clothes, or even your vehicle – than you need to re-evaluate your equipment and training.

Activity – what are you going to be doing often defines your clothes and your carry. So does the climate.

Often the more deeply and harder concealed the harder it is to draw and engage the weapon.

Other issues: gender, range of motion, injuries, weight, age, fitness. Cannot “train away”, must work around.

Most of the time you will be the “responder” and not the initiator. Always behind the curve as a responder.

Must have a mindset. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Time is NOT on your side.

Critically evaluate yourself.

Develop the skills ahead of time.

You have to WANT to survive.

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