York Lost/Stolen Update – Committee Meeting on 9/8

September 8th,  Special Comittee Meeting @7pm to discuss the proposed Lost/Stolen ordinance.  Said ordinance would require residents of York city to report their firearms lost or stolen within 3 days or face penalties.

As has been discussed in the past, this proposed ordinance has several issues:

1. Violates the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s pre-emption laws. (ie: illegal)
2. Essentially creates a situation in which one is guilty until proven innocent.
3. Essentially redundant to present state level laws and penalties for straw purchasers. The only difference is that this proposed ordinance has the potential to automatically punish innocent gun owners.

My understanding from talking to Councilman Joe Musso is that Councilwoman Toni Smith may just push for a “resolution” rather than the passing of the ordinance.  As has been stated before by the proponents of this ordinance, the real purpose is to send a message to Harrisburg. Which is why I believe it affects everyone in York county and not just the residents of York city proper.

Depending on this meeting, anything that comes out of it, will likely be moved to the following meeting for a decision on September 15th, next  @7pm.


Councilman Joseph Musso has been very helpful to the gun owning community in regards to this proposed ordinance. Helping to keep us informed and providing a strong advocacy that this is an improper action for the city to take.

I was actually pleased to hear that Mr. Musso was going to run for mayor as an independent. Today I found out that his petition to be on the ballot was invalidated. This is a disgusting tactic used by the big parties, and especially the Democrats.  In which they get an official to invalidate enough signatures to make the petition no longer eligible to be on the ballot. The cause for removal are often very questionable; including removal for not utilizing cursive script.  One example Mr. Musso gave was a signature they invalidated because it did not match the signature on the signer’s voter registration card.  Mind you, the signature was of an 87 yr old man. And the voter registration card was from the 1940’s.

I really hate this crap, it’s the same methods Barack Obama used to get elected. And it’s a common crap method that the big two have used to squash 3rd party and independent candidates.  Truly unamerican.

From what I gather, Mr. Musso is not planning to fight it. In part I understand. We have lives to live. And it’s tough expending so much of your life for a longshot. And the ‘system’ knows that, using that fact to make it hard for anyone outside the system to compete. It undermines the democratic system.  The result, is good people don’t, won’t or can’t run.

The real result is America loses out.

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