April 27th – 5th Annual 2nd Amendment Rally (Pennsylvania Capitol)

The 5th Annual Pennsylvania Rally for the 2nd Amendment will be help on April 27th @10:00 am

This is a must for any 2nd amendment advocate in the capitol area of Pennsylvania.  We had an excellent turnout last year. This year let’s work toward over-whelming the capitol (politely) and letting our voice be heard.

The 2nd Amendment Rally will feature an extensive list of speakers including Executive Vice-President of the NRA Wayne LaPierre.  Gun Owners of America’s Larry Pratt and more.  A number of prizes have been donated – including a S&W M&P22.

We will also be advocating for several firearm reforms. Including the Pennsylvania Castle Doctrine &  enforcement of state preemption laws.

This year, the state capitol police department has made the firearm check-in form available as a PDF in order to facilitate processing (all firearms must be secured in the capitol building according to Commonwealth law). If you are planning to carry (and why wouldn’t you?), then please consider printing and filling out the following form. This will reduce delays and shorten the time it takes to enter the capitol.


This year I will be expanding my role of photography for the event. Last year I was merely passive. This year I will be actively photographing the event in conjunction with the event organizers.

For those who appreciated the above photo taken at last year’s rally. A number of copies should be available for auction/raffle at the White Rose Friends of the NRA Dinner (May 6th – York, PA).

Click here for more information on

Pennsylvania’s 5th Annual

Right to Keep and Bear Arms Rally

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  1. Um, if you show up on the 20th, no one will be there. 🙂 It’s the 27th.

  2. Crap…could of sworn I typed 27th. But must of hit the wrong keys.

    Two glasses of homemade meade can do that to you.

  3. Heh, been there, done that. 🙂

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