Mexican Vigilantes to Be Legalized, Keep Your Weapons “Just Register Them!!!”

Part of me is happy that the Mexican government is recognizing the vigilantes, and using an old part of their defense system to essentially “officialize” the militias.

But I’m not sure I’d trust the call of “You can keep your prohibited rifles, so long as you register them with the military.”

If I were the militia leaders, I would argue that we will register ourselves as active in the militia. But not our arms. You should be able to simply verify that if any members is active in the militia, then they are justified in their arms.  No need to know what arms specifically.

But as for registering their guns….IMHO “DON’T DO IT!!!”

Also interesting is this bit…

“the agreement also allows those who qualify to join local police forces. “The majority of us want to get into the police …””

Interesting, perhaps this will allow enough fresh blood to enter the Mexican law enforcement to bring it back to being a legal policing force.

Lastly, just goes to show “outlawing” such weapons does NOT make them cease to exist.

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  1. The only reason they want them to register…either themselves as militia members or their weapons…is to control them.

    The government of Mexico is corrupt from top to bottom. I’d say giving them that kind of information is the same thing as surrendering to the cartels.

    Just say no.

    • Agreed.

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